Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sometimes Simple Is All You Need

Some nights I just crave simplicity.  Case in point:  Traffic was horrible tonight - 20 minutes into my commute home, I was still only a couple of miles from the office where I work.  By the time I finally reached the final third of my drive, I had made up my mind that we would have a simple dinner of bread, cheese, fruit and olives... But I needed bread and olives.  *sigh*  I was almost 45 minutes late when I finally arrived home.  I was feeling out of sort and I just didn't want to spend time making dinner (I didn't want to spend a lot of time cleaning up either). Some nights are just like that and sometimes a simple meal really is all you need.

The bread is a rustic baguette that was chewy and airy, the apple is a Granny Smith - one of our favorites - which have been particularly good lately.  The cheese is a locally made, fabulously sharp, white cheddar, and the olives are jumbo Calabrese blend.

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