Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Quick Fix: Fritatta

Frittatas are one of our favorite, go-to's for a quick, satisfying meal with very little fuss.  To call this a Frittata is a bit of a misnomer since, technically speaking, a frittata is started on the stove top and finished in the oven.  Quiche doesn't really fit either, since quiches have a custard filling that typically includes cream, half-n-half or milk.  Baked Omelette would actually be a much more accurate title, but Frittata just sounds so much better, doesn't it?

Anyway, I made a video for this one, check it out:

I baked this one in the toaster oven and it took about 15 minutes.  You can make these as big, or small as you like.  For just the two of us for dinner, I use the individual casserole dishes and plan on 2 eggs per person plus whatever I choose to throw in there.  You do need to be careful of the depth of the dish you make these in.  The deeper they are, the more eggs you use, the longer they take to bake.  I recommend using pie plates or tart pans to keep them a bit thinner when making them for a crowd.

You can, of course, put anything you like in them - that's part of their beauty.  Here are a few great combinations for your consideration and experimentation:

Sausage, Mushrooms, and Spinach with Smoked Gouda cheese
Ham, Bell Peppers, Onions & Pepper Jack cheese
Asparagus with Havarti cheese
Bacon, Hash Browns with Cheddar
Ham, Broccoli, Mushrooms with Swiss Cheese

Play with using your favorite quiche ingredients or just throw in whatever you have in the fridge.  I hope you enjoy this Quick Fix - Ciao!

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